Players seeking to maximize their gathering skills, or gather key mateirals siwftly, may find this guide helpful.  Click on the images to see their full size.

Tier 1 (0-101 skill level)

Verdra Plants, Krymetal Ore, Sun Essence

T1 Fey Forest All

Tier 1 Gathering

Tier 2 (101-151 skill level)

Sylva Plants, Linmetal Ore, Wind Essence

T2 Celestial Hills All

Tier 2 Gathering

Tier 3 (151-201 skill level)

Shelta Plants, Normetal Ore, Star Essence

T3 Blessing Basin

Tier 3 Gathering, Blessing Basin

T3 Colossal Ruins

Tier 3 Gathering, Colossal Ruins

T3 Essenian Crest

Tier 3 Gathering, Essenian Crest

Tier 4 (201-251 skill level)

Toira Plants, Shadmetal Ore, Essence of Ice

T4 Mt Tyrannus ice

Tier 4 Gathering, Mount Tyrannas

T4 shadmetal ice

Tier 4 Gathering, Quarantine Zone

T4 westonia toira

Tier 4 Gathering, Westonia

Tier 5 (251-300 skill level)

Luria Plants, Osoyo Plants, Xermetal Ore, Lightning Essence

T5 Sienna Canyon All

Tier 5 Gathering, Sienna Canyon

T5 Val Tirkai Luria

Tier 5 Gathering, Val Tirkai