Networking and sharing data is an important aspect of any community.  If you have a TERA related website, and would like to link it on this page, you are welcome to.  This is the only page of this wiki that will be left open for community members to make contributions.  All rules listed below must be followed in order to contribute to this page.  I reserve the right to remove content that is inappropriate for this wiki.

Rules for Adding LinksEdit

  1. Content must be TERA related.  You may not post links for other games.
  2. Post your links under the appropriate headings.
  3. Do not change any content on this page.  Only add your link(s) or image(s).
  4. Do not remove any existing data on this page unless it is your own contribution(s).
  5. Images may only be added if they are a guild emblem, a website banner or logo. They must be kept at a reasonable size.  (no larger than 500 pixels wide by 200 pixels high)  If your image exceeds this size restriction, please be sure to use the thumbnail feature.
  6. Inappropriate content includes but is not limited to:
    1. Pornographic material
    2. Propoganda
    3. Hate mongering toward religion, race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation etc. 
    4. Posting personal data about yourself or others (i.e. names, phone numbers, addresses, email, photos etc.)
    5. Content that goes against the TERA TOS
    6. Gold selling related websites (are forbidden)

TERA Related SitesEdit

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TERA on Twitter

TERA GuidesEdit

TERA-style font for photoshop

TERA Endgame Gear Guide (awesome & informative site!)

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TERA Codex



TERA Mounts


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Requiem of Dreams

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