Linkia's Field Guide is a quest that begins in Argonea.  While you are following one of your storyling Quests, on a path near the Melgatol Portal, you will see a book on the ground called a "Fallen Book".  It will have a ? mark above it, indicating that it will offer a quest.  Getting the quest from this book will open up the Linkia's Field Guide quest line.

Quest Objectives

After getting the initial quest from the book in Argonea, you will return to Kanstria to speak with an NPC named Hekasha.  She will give you "Linkia's First Brief".  From there you may follow the quest walk-through shown below.

Quest Walk-Through

Be sure that you have obtained the initial quest and spoken with Hekasha to receive the first brief before continuing with the next steps.

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Linkia overview01

Linkia Quest Overview 01

Linkia Overview02

Linkia's Quest Overview 02

Quest Completion Lore

After completing the Linkia's Field Guide quest, you will receive a book in your inventory containing the following lore:

Linkia overview03

Linkia Quest Lore