One Father's Legacy is a quest that begins in Zulfikar Fortress.  The quest originates with an NPC named Dalmuri.  He is located near the Trade Broker.

Quest Objectives

Dalmuri wants you to find the missing chapters of his book.  These missing chapters are found in Khanovar Front, after completing various quest objectives.  Once you have collected all of the chapters, you will return to Dalmuri in Zulfikar Fortress, for the final turn-in.

Chapters to Find:

Chapter 2, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 8, Chapter 10

Quest Walk-Through

Click on the images to view their full size.

OFL overview01

OFL Quest Overview 01

OFL overview02

OFL Quest Overview 02

Completed Quest Lore

Chronicles of the argon war

OFL Quest Lore

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