Quests found on the continent of Northern Shara.

Kaiator (The Amani Capitol City)

Kaiator is the home city of the Amani race.  Their patron God is Kaia.

Quests Found in Kaiator


Scythera Fae



Darkquaver Woods

Susurrus Woods

Amena Quatla



Vale of Spires

Plain of the Damned

Val Tirkai

Pathfinder Post

Tirkai Forest


Helkan District

Zulfikar Fortress

Zulfikar Fortress is a Safe Haven that connects to Khanovar Front.

Quests Found in Zulfikar Fortress

Khanovar Front

Quests Found in Khanovar Front

Val Kaeli


Kanstria is a Safe Haven that connects to Argonea and Granarkus.  Traveling between the three areas is made easier via Teleport NPC and Teleport Platforms.  In order to use the Teleport Platforms, you will need Iteris Shards, which can be gathered in Argonea, in the area around the Ilithieri Mana Extractor.

Quests found in Kanstria


Argonea is a zone connected to Kanstria.  It has 4 Teleport Platforms located North, South, and East.

Quests found in Argonea


Granarkus is a zone connected to Kanstria.  It has 2 outposts that can be reached via Teleport NPC in Kanstria.  It also has 1 Teleport Platform located at the northern tip of the zone.