Reputation is your standing with each faction in the world of TERA.  Reputation and credits for each specific reputation are required, in order to purchase items offered exclusively from each faction's merchants.


With most factions, you must first complete the normal quests in the zones surrounding the area that the faction has set up their home base at.  As you complete these quests, your reputation will increase.  The exception to this, is your reputation for PvP (player versus player) factions. 

Reputation Ranks:

Suspicious - Next rank achieved at 3,000 reputation points

Wavering - Next rank achieved at 9,000 reputation points

Neutral - Next rank achieved at 12,000 reputation points

Favorable - Next rank achieved at 15,000 reputation points

Friendly - Next rank achieved at 20,000 reputation points

Trusted - Next rank achieved at 25,000 reputation points

Revered - Max reputation level

Daily QuestsEdit

Once you have completed enough of the normal area quests for each faction, members of each faction will begin to offer daily quests that are indicated by green ! marks above their heads.  These quests are random, and will continue to grant reputation.  The main difference between normal and daily quests is that the daily quests will also give credits as a reward.  These credits may be spent like currency at each faction's merchant(s), provided you have enough credits and the appropriate reputation level to purchase the item(s) you desire.

If you are a standard, free to play member, you will only be able to do